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TUSH miau & TUSH in your face - FASHION Magazine

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Cena: 5 €
Dátum: 15. 4. 2019, Typ: Predaj, Stav: Používané, Lokalita: Bratislava II - Ružinov
TUSH miau (FASHION Magazine)

Rock, Soul, Trance, Pop and Miau are the five keywords of the 34th issue of the German fashion publication Tush. The magazine’s publisher, Armin Morbach has together with his team created five covers for their latest issue, where each cover represents a musical genre besides the one-off somewhat comic Miau cover which reveals a sun kissed model graced with a cat head. Portraying editorials framed by some of the industry’s most respected photographers including Thomas Cooksey, Donna Trope, Stefan Milev, Benjamin Vnuk, Txema Yeste and Misha Taylor, the 34th issue is more than enough for us to handle. With several fashion stories to choose from such as Yeste’s rock n rolla interpretation framed in her ‘2 young 2 die’ spread starring Eliza Cummings and Armin Morbach’s own ‘Ego Schiele’ featuring black & white portraits of fashionable men. With other words the latest issue of Tush reveals a generous platter of an exciting and innovative take on fashion with a suiting flavor for each individual’s taste.

Cena je 5e + poštovné. Uprednostňujem osobný odber, ale posielam aj na dobierku, a pri dobierke požadujem úhradu poštovného vopred.

TUSH in your face issue 1-16 Between Beauty and THe Universe (FASHION Magazine)

The latest issue of Tush Magazine offers a whole lot of facial firepower–apropos, considering the eight covers bear the words “In Your Face”. Inside its beauty goes gung-ho forging cosmetic visuals from unrestrained applications and unexpected uses of the everyday, wherewith models glow in new and unusual ways. Photographer Armin Morbach supplies a full spectrum of playful takes done up on models like Lina Berg, Frances Coombe and Lina Hoss, while Van Sarki‘s signature pastel palette is carried out on stand-out, newcomer Liza Ostanina. That only scratches the surface, with editorial appearances by models Laura Julie, Anna Mila Guyenz, Kim Peers and Lorelle Rayner, there’s plenty of room for fresh perspectives as #38 takes us “Between Beauty and the Universe”. See the exclusive issue preview below.

Cena je 5e + poštovné. Uprednostňujem osobný odber, ale posielam aj na dobierku, a pri dobierke požadujem úhradu poštovného vopred.
Všetky inzeráty - 1384 inzerátov
Bratislava II - Ružinov
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